Welcome to 53th Sintra International Music Festival - 53º Festival de Sintra
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Welcome to 53th Sintra International Music Festival


William Beckford, Lord Byron, Eça de Queiroz, Ferreira de Castro, Luis de Camões, Marquise of Alorna and so many others have bound their work to Sintra through the irresistible appeal of its Magic Mountain, the enchanting of the promontory of the Moon – as it was referred to, throughout Renaissance – and the mystic power of the nocturnal star, its secret and night guardian.

D. Fernando II, the Artist King, turned Sintra into a spot that welcomed concerts and musical tertulias on the 19th century; the Marquise of Cadaval – the founder of Sintra Festival in 1962 – brought back to Sintra the magic of great music as a prestigious mark of Sintra’s locals’ quality taste for the arts.

A mystic place occupied by the Muslims, Royal Palace since the 15th century, the highlight symbol of Romanticism, the 53rd Sintra International Music Festival will revisit these testimonies of its history and synergies through a decentralized programming, aimed to the whole region, mainly focused on the word and the poetic text, leading to a perfect dialogue between the moon and the mountain that arises out of the artistic blending of sounds and lyrics.

The Magic Mountain will be heard again.

Gabriela Canavilhas
Artistic director